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Website Redesign Checklist Download

Why does this checklist exist?

Each year, several of our clients redesign their sites.

When they do, hundreds to thousands of pages can change, at once.

As you can imagine, this change dramatically impacts performance.

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Make your next Website Redesign a success.

This checklist contains the 30 highest-priority items to plan for, neatly organised and explained in two easy-to-print pages.

Smoothly transition your online advertising campaigns
Protect your Organic Search rankings and traffic 
Maximise your new website's conversion capability

There's a lot to think about during redesigns.

This checklist makes everything easier.

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The reality is that nobody redesigns their website expecting things to get worse. 

But, without careful planning, it happens. Miss just one thing and problems arise.

So, we developed this checklist to be the master guide for redesign success.